A lipogram is a piece of writing where a particular letter is omitted. In our task, we have been asked to change the letter ‘o’ in every word and replace it with a word without an ‘o’ .

Actual Text:
“Albert, is it true that if you touch a butterfly’s wings, you keep it from flying ever again? Basically, kill it?”
“No, it is a myth that you render a butterfly unable to fly by touching its wings. The powdery residue on their wings is actually scales. They shed their scales on a regular basis, so merely touching them is okay.


“Albert, is it true that if I felt a butterfly’s wings, I keep it trapped, never flying ever again? Basically, kill it?”

Negative, it is a myth that a human will halt its flight by feeling its wings. The light residue that lays with their wings is actually scales. They shed their scales regularly, merely patting them is fine.


Character Hot Seating

Character Hot Seating


You have been in Ally’s world for a few weeks now and have learnt more about her and some of the other characters in the book. In a classroom students often have different opinions on why or what motivates a character to do and act a certain way. This activity allows you to form opinions about a character.




  1. In pairs choose a character you would like to ask specific questions to.


  1. Create a list of 5-10 questions.


  1. Have one child at the front of the room sit in a chair.


  1. This child assumes the identity of one of the characters from the text.


  1. The class then asks the character questions.


  1. The child in the seat answers questions in character.

Fur and Feathers

We are transforming the poem Fur and Feathers into a narrative.

Fur and Feathers

 Physical Traits

Played game in grey.

Long strong tail

Long pointy ears

Small eyes

Big brown nose



Personality Traits






 Dark feathers

Long beak

Big orange eyes

Strong legs

Fetch quickly

Carry strongly








 Big eyes

Webbed feet

Big feathery wings

White, black and brown feathers

Pointy orange beak


 Wishes that he could stop whistling

Doesn’t like to be embarrassed

Very scared




Bio Poem

Who is sporty, fun and active.
Who loves my family, school and sport.
Who fears snakes and bad report card.
Who need to do more effect on school.
Who feels happy, welcome and nervous.
Who would like to see Paris, snow and
Resident of Whitsundays,